to WagZzz, where we offer you the opportunity to create and purchase a completely Custom Dog Bed for your favorite four-legged friend. We can also offer self-cleaning hot tubs so that you and your furry friend can have a place to relax at during the weekends.

We pride ourselves on offering the best quality merchandise at a very comparable price point. Pick from 100+ fabrics and several sizes, or send us your own for an exact match!

It's like shopping for fine linens for your dog. WagZzz offers a completely new concept in Dog Bedding; Fine Linens, Dog Duvets and Waterproof Dog Bed Liners. At WagZzz we know they deserve nothing but the best!

Call or e-mail us to design ANY size or shape Dog Bed that WagZzz does not already offer.

If you can dream it... WagZzz can make it!

You can also avail some great discounts for your furry friend when you've made a purchase from our Vancouver realtor partner. Hurry and avail this offer now!

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