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  A Completely New Concept In Pet Bedding ... And A Company That Cares
WagZzz has developed this new concept based on the recent craze within the home décor industry. The WagZzz product line is sold and marketed as “fine linens for your dog”. Our product components are sold separately and give you the opportunity to customize your dog’s bed as you would your own. Our packaging even resembles that of department store linens. WagZzz Luxury Pet Beds and Linens came about from a vision of both practicality and necessity. This is coupled with the current retail drive within the home furnishings industry and the love and care given by owners for their pets. is the outlet for this innovative concept. We're glad you have taken the time to look around our site. Our greatest testament of trust, beyond our commitment to safety and quality, is to always strive to care for every animal that is not as lucky as our own. This mission of caring is why a portion of the sale of every WagZzz bed sold, is donated directly to animal rescue organizations throughout the country.

The WagZzz line includes: Luxury Dog Bed Pillows, Dog Bed Duvet Covers/Linens, and Waterproof Dog Bed Liners.

Best of all, the way WagZzz Luxury Pet Beds and Linens are manufactured and sold allows our customers to buy multiple interchangeable covers for one insert! We make it easy to remove and recover for cleaning or matching any room.

It's like shopping for fine linens for your favorite four-legged friend!

  How It Works
People have become their own home decorators, they take great pride in their homes, their decor and their furnishings. Mixing, matching and coordinating to beautify and personalize your home has become a passionate pastime for many.

Isn't it odd then, as large as the pet industry is, that the availability of stylish, high-quality pet beds is still lacking? Either the color, pattern or material is wrong; the size is too large or too small; or, the quality just isn't there. It seems virtually impossible to get the perfect combination.

So why not allow our customers to do just that?

With WagZzz Luxury Pet Beds, you simply pick your pillow, choose your Dog Duvet Cover and there you have it. Exactly what you were looking for!

Quality is a top priority at our company. We have chosen to use superior materials and sewing construction to stand apart from other dog bedding companies. Our dog beds provide extreme comfort, luxury and durability at a comparable price.