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  What size bed is best for my pet?
WagZzz offers enough standard sizing options to comfortably fit any pet in your household. If you need a special size or shape, please e-mail us for special pricing. The possibilities are endless!
  Standard Sizing
25 inch round and 24x21x3 rectangle Pet Bed Pillows are perfect for cats and small breed dogs approx. 5-25lbs.
( Yorkies, Bichons,Maltese, Miniatures/Toys etc.)

36 round and 36x25x3 rectangle Pet Bed Pillows are made for the medium breed dogs approx. 25-60lbs.
( Border Collies, Wheatons, Schnauzers etc)

44 round and 48x36x4 rectangle Pet bed Pillows are for the larger dogs from approximately 60-90 lbs.( Golden Retrievers, Labradors, Standard Poodle etc.)

53 inch round Pet Bed Pillows are made for the larger dogs that either like to spread out more or are a little bigger than average in size. Approx 90-130lbs

Our 60x37x5 rectangle Pet Bed Pillows fit the extra large babies weighing 130 lbs- 200+ lbs. (Great Danes, Mastiff, Great Pyranese, St. Bernhard etc.)
  Can I wash my WagZzz Custom Dog Bed Products?
All of our fabrics are carefully chosen with animals in mind. We use 100% cotton or cotton blends and all of our fabrics can be machine washed. We recommend cold water, gentle cycle and a line dry to ensure there is no color-loss or shrinkage. We do NOT recommend washing your liner in the machine. Simply wipe clean with a damp rag and your favorite cleaner.
  Does WagZzz offer any Eco-Friendly Options?
In general WagZzz products are considered “green” due to the fact that you are able to
re-use your pillow and avoid throwing it out due to stains, odors and bacteria or needing a new cover. WagZzz can also manufacture Pet Bed Pillows using Recycled Soda Bottles or Recycled Corn Fibers. Both of these materials are very eco-friendly and comfortable for your pet. Please e-mail us for special pricing.
  Does WagZzz offer Down fill?
Yes. WagZzz has the ability to offer our customers various blends of feathers and down and even can make 100% Hungarian Down beds. Please e-mail us for special pricing.
  Does WagZzz accept returns?
Due to the beds being custom ordered, we cannot accept returns on WagZzz products.We pride ourselves on using top quality materials and sewing methods. In the rare occurrence of a defect in the product, we will work with our customers to correct the situation.
  Which animal rescue organizations does WagZzz donate to?
We vary our donations regularly and donate to many organizations throughout the country. We are always open to new suggestions.
  Where are the WagZzz Products manufactured?
Our custom dog beds are all manufactured here in the U.S.A !

Can I provide my own fabric to WagZzz to make a Pet Bed Duvet?
Yes. We often work with customers’ own fabrics to create an exact match to a favorite room in their home. We will adjust the price accordingly based on size, shape etc. Please e-mail us for any custom work.