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  WagZzz offers different options for you, the retailer, to carry our product line in your stores.  
  Option 1
No inventory needed in your store and no minimums ! Offer your customers the opportunity to order completely custom beds direct from your store. Simply have a WagZzz fabric swatchbook, a single sample and order forms. The beds get shipped directly to your store for customer pick-up.
  Option 2
Sell the WagZzz components separately. Offer your customers a complete line of beautiful, high quality bedding.

A Completely New Concept In Pet Bedding
WagZzz has developed this new concept based on the recent craze within the home décor industry. The WagZzz product line is sold and marketed as “fine linens for your dog”. Our product components are sold separately and give your customer the opportunity to customize their dog’s bed as they would their own. Our high- end packaging even resembles that of department store linens. The WagZzz line includes: Luxury Dog Bed Pillows, Dog Bed Duvet Covers/Linens, and Waterproof Dog Bed Liners.

Sell the WagZzz Dog Bed Duvets in coordinating sets of two or three for a bigger retail bang!
Our pillows are vacuum sealed enabling you to carry more product and take up less space.

WagZzz has put a lot of time and effort into selecting the best quality materials for our products. Our retail fabric selections follow the most current home decorating trends, making it easy for consumers to match their pet’s bed to their favorite room in the house. Minimum orders do apply.
  Option 3
Increase your sales and create a buzz. Design a one-of-a-kind private label bed/s from WagZzz to be sold in your boutique.

As a manufacturer, WagZzz is able to customize our products (sizes, fabrics, fills, packaging etc) to fit your retail needs, ensuring that our products sell effectively in your store.

We would be thrilled to have the opportunity to speak with you further about offering WagZzz products in your store.

Please feel free to contact us directly for more information, prices and product samples.